Executive Chef Leon Biscoe

After a childhood in the small town of New Freedom, PA, Chef Leon Biscoe joined the United States Navy and served six years of a decade-long career in a country that would come to bewitch his palette and soul: Italy.

Mesmerized by the simple ingredients and the careful pairing of flavors, Leon’s passion for cooking was ignited. He quickly realized that his life’s ambition was, in fact, to be in a kitchen and went about that path to glean as much knowledge and experience as possible, ultimately settling in to his current position, an Executive Chef for The Flying Bridge Restaurant and Marina previously Restaurant Associates based in Cambridge MA.

A self-taught chef, Leon has enjoyed stints at the following restaurants in Rhode Island , Scales and Shells , Ocean Cliff and Carnegie Abbey where he carefully has honed his craft and explored other cuisines including Asian. Mastering new skill sets and tantalizing taste buds.

In his “off-duty” hours, Leon enjoys finding amazing hospitality and food exploring new restaurants and rad trails on his mountain bike. He current resides in Forestdale MA