Sushi Bar Opens at The Flying Bridge

The Flying Bridge is thrilled to announce the addition of Master Sushi Chef Wayan to our culinary lineup. Local chefs highly respect Chef Wayan’s skill, and he has a solid following throughout the South Shore and Cape.

Chef Wayan’s experience includes working in Bali, St. Martin, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. He is known for precision, finesse, and his use of creative ingredients. Chef Wayan’s perspective is derived from the Japanese tradition of Omakase, where a chef serves the first course based on what fresh ingredients are available, then creates the following dishes based on the diner’s reaction. Wayan is eager to learn the preferences of our Flying Bridge customers so our sushi menu offerings can evolve and grow.

“Although we’ve built a sushi bar at the far end of the restaurant with tables and a deck area designated for sushi customers, the sushi menu will be available to all of our diners and bar customers,” said Flying Bridge GM Tyler Hayes.

The Sushi Bar at the Flying Bridge opens May 23rd and will be open Wednesday through Sunday with the same hours as the restaurant. In addition, takeout orders will be accepted as demand permits.